Transition time

I celebrated my 41st birthday on Monday and God showed me how much He loved me despite it being a very busy day dealing with two of my children. I went to spend that morning with Zion and poured my heart out to the team since this was the beginning of the week that they claimed they would consider sending Zion back to the TCC. I needed to hold them accountable and continue to remind them why it was in Zion’s best interest to move back to that floor. Almost immediately after I was done the discussion at “rounds”, a woman from the holistic team stopped by. Any time they have stopped by in the past, it’s always been to do healing touch/massage on Zion. But today, the lady asked me if I would like a massage. I smiled in my heart because I knew this was not a random coincidence. It was the Father loving me on my birthday. That massage was the perfect preemptive blessing I would need for the afternoon. I drove home, picked up my daughter, and then drove back to Children’s to take her to a follow up GI appt. The doctor ordered a blood draw – my daughter’s first ever. And let’s just say it was… traumatic for her. So it was an exhausting day to say the least. But the afternoon ended on a sweet note in that the PICU set their rules aside for 10 minutes in order for our daughter to visit her brother for the first time in a month and a half. God was so kind to soften their hearts to allow this.

A reunion with sissy and brother

On Tuesday God blessed me with an opportunity to have a face to face conversation with the pulmonary consult team – the key decision makers as to if/when my son transfers back to TCC. I hadn’t realized that they were standing there in rounds when they introduced themselves immediately after. So, I silently prayed and asked God to bless the discussion and my words. I came out of the talk feeling as though my urgency and reasoning were heard, understood and validated. So I chose to remain hopeful that Zion would get a bed space soon when one opened up.

I spent a lot of my visit Tuesday just holding Zion since I hadn’t held him in 2 days (which is rare for me). It’s hard to describe the peace that comes into both Zion and I when we are in a warm embrace. Our breathing synchronizes. I can feel all my daily stress and tension melt away as I squeeze and kiss my living, breathing, and very squishy “stress ball”. And I’m in awe every time I see how my son changes when he comes into my arms. His eyes relax and close into tight little slits. His skin starts turning very pink and warm as his heart relaxes and is able to better perfuse his extremities. His oxygen sats increase. He starts sucking on his tongue as he descends into dreamland. Total peace is on his face. This interaction truly brings life into my soul in a concrete way because hours can tick by over the lunch hour and I feel content and full despite not feeding my belly anything. I cherish these moments.

Wednesday through Thursday my intensity definitely increased as far as pinning the teams down to give me a concrete answer as to whether or not our son can transfer back to the TCC. It’s as though everything had been at a standstill since our care conference a week ago. Everyone was “talking” back and forth while no progress was being made. Well God moved a mountain on Thursday as we got a call from the TCC at the end of the day. Zion was given the “all clear” to go ahead and be admitted back! They felt confident that he would transfer the following day (today). I was overjoyed and cried tears of happiness. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as we were preparing to have Celia depart on Friday! However, there was a little hiccup in that apparently the TCC didn’t have an expected discharge today, so Zion isn’t transferring now as expected. The hope is that he will go sometime next week now. Now we just need Zion to have no issues over the weekend that would cause any setbacks.


  • Celia. We praise God for our mother Celia. God in His loving provision orchestrated my mother in law arriving just before Zion was sent back to the PICU. This happened to be when our need for consistent childcare exponentially increased. God is SO KIND. Celia is truly a rare gem. She is the excellent and praiseworthy wife talked about in Proverbs 31. She is full of grace and truth, and is an excellent role model for me, being only 5 years into marriage and motherhood. She cared for our children so well. She helped me with daily housework in the kitchen. She was there to fellowship and talk with about things of God. She has so much wisdom and understanding from God in that she never meddled in our marital squabbles. She was consistently patient with us in our unsavory, sinful moments. When many mothers would feel compelled to assert their opinions, she always remained quiet (and I’m sure prayerful) in those hard times. This is why she is so special to me. I know God brought her not only to help us, but also to give me two months straight of mentoring in the subject area of being a godly woman. (This is her 3rd long stay with us – so I obviously need a lot of work ☺️). I sobbed like a baby saying goodbye to her today. I love her so much – as much as my own mother. There is no way to thank or repay her for giving up her life to serve us in this way. So all I can ask is this. Would you please pray that God would bless her one hundred fold for her efforts?
Yiayia and Eden being silly as they laughed while taking candid photos
The silly staring game Yiayia and Judah played every day
A sweet goodbye
  • We thank Jesus Christ our Lord for moving mountains for Zion! The TCC giving him the green light to transfer happened because of the grace and goodness of our God.
  • THANK YOU to our wonderful family, church, friends and neighbors who continue to serve us with home cooked meals, Christmas gifts for our children, an impromptu cookie decorating party for my children, and even a surprise zoo membership for our family! This is the love of God!
  • Thank you to those who have jumped in to serve the family we mentioned in my last blog post who lost their sweet daughter in Omaha. It hasn’t even been one week since I shared their needs on social media, and since then this family has already been blessed with meals, financial donations, gas cards, Christmas gifts for their children, job leads for dad, and even a much needed laptop computer! It has been a joy and a pleasure to observe the body of Christ in action as it eagerly serves this family in need. It warms our hearts immensely to see love and goodwill in action this CHRISTmas season!
This is PEACE


  • Please continue to pray that Zion would stay healthy and would have no severe oxygen desat episodes as he waits for his bed space to open up in the TCC. We pray that he can get a bed by early next week. This is very important for our family and I have advocated strongly about this with the hospital, because us not being able to bring our children to the PICU makes visits during the week days impossible now. Weekday visits are important because that is when all the activity happens. That is when all the docs are in. That is when I can be a part of rounds and the decision making that happens those mornings. I will be unable to advocate as well for our son being absent during week days. That is a very big deal for Zion since he needs constant advocating.
  • Speaking of the TCC, will you please pray that his bed space will be in an ideal location? There is a central hub where most of the staff sit and hang out. Zion’s room last time was conveniently located adjacent to this hub which helped to make the team’s response times quicker. Other rooms are down at the end of hallways. We are hoping for the former. And a room with a window is always an added bonus. It will help Zion to keep his days and nights straight. ☺️
  • Please pray for safe travels and a blessed visit for my parents as they come stay with us for a few days starting tomorrow.
  • Pray that we can finish organizing the basement and completing our filing and organizing down there soon.
  • Lastly, pray that our little family can get back into a groove as we resume our normal routine of it being just us four again starting on Thursday. I have been largely detached from my children’s routine for the past two months. It will take time to reestablish our normal routines and habits again. In addition, I’ve been blessed to have help in Celia with the housework during her stay. So I’m back to keeping the home full time again which feels like a bit of a mini mountain today. Pray that it’s a smooth transition and we get back to normal quickly.
Zion loves to grab mommy’s nose
Those good snuggles
Zion enjoying a very tiny “pleasure feed” of peaches
Those lips!

3 thoughts on “Transition time

  1. I so look forward to updates in both your blog and posts as I feel as though we are family as we are in Christ and I pray for you all daily. God bless Zion and all of you.


  2. Continuing prayers for you, Zion, and your entire family, as well as Zion’s careteam. Praying for strength, stamina, stability, uplifting, and peace. Praying Father keeps His hand on you all and His angel army’s continuous ministering to every need. May you all be blessed. Shabbat Shalom. ♥️🙏🙏🙏☝️


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