A happy first birthday in home sweet home

Happy Birthday Zion…you don’t know me, you don’t know anything going on in the world right now at the tender age of 1 – but you are giving me so much strength right now……You are amazing and I thank God for you little angel!

(Written by one of Zion’s faithful friends)

It seems surreal that we finally reached the special day – Zion’s first birthday! Our little bundle of awesomeness arrived on March 18, which also happens to be Trisomy 18 Awareness Day. We simply knew this kid would be special with such a divinely appointed birth date. I recall praying to God before Zion’s birth, still trusting the outdated statistics, asking Him to give us a chance to see our son take just one breath. Well the good Lord has given us exceedingly abundantly more than one breath – He has given Zion one year. Thank You to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

You might be wondering how we celebrated Zion’s birthday? Well, we (our home nurse and I) spent most of the day packing Zion up to go portable, and taking him to Children’s for his first (quite long) Complex Care (pediatrician) visit. I tried so hard to get this appointment on a day other than his birthday, but was unsuccessful. Let’s just say that it is quite a production to actually pack Zion up and go somewhere with him in the car. It certainly was a learning experience and we definitely logged in some good practice hours. And due to the current pandemic we are in, any sort of a birthday party was out of the question since we are practicing strict quarantining. Thankfully, little Zion didn’t mind at all, of course, because he gets his coveted “presents” now every day [kisses, hugs, snuggles and conversation].

Life is now filled to the brim with busyness. I have so much I want to share, but so little time (and brain power). So in the meantime I wanted to share (visually) how Zion is doing since coming home because many have asked. Thankfully, a picture is worth a thousand words. We hope these photos serve as a blessing to your soul to see the fruit of your priceless prayers! I will share more details about life at home sometime soon. We love you all. Thank you for praying and for supporting us. God has been so faithful and is continuing to provide in so many ways.

One of his last moments in the hospital. I think he knew what was to come.
Packed up and ready to go home – with CLOTHES on!!!
A sweet goodbye from his two primary nurses
“Mommy where ARE we?!”
His very first sleep in his very own bed in his very own HOME
A visit from “Auntie” Judie
Birthday balloons are fun to look at!
Thank you for the meal and prayers Walton family!
I love my new chair! (Even though I’m almost too chunky to fit in it)
Big brother introducing little brother to his vehicles
Enjoying the ceiling light show with sissy
Dry run on going portable in the mini stroller
A surprise blessing! I LOVE it!
This image almost can’t contain all the love
I have new expressions at home!
Please praying for my teething – I think I’m getting my molars next!
(No caption needed)
A year was well worth the wait to do this at HOME
Our view from the couch – where George and I take turns being Zion’s night nurse and getting some sleep in between
We love you Cindy for always coming with a good Word from the Lord!!!
Daddy’s kisses make me happy
And sissy’s do too
“My favorite teether – just don’t move mommy”
Getting ready for bedtime
These two…
Our little future nurse-in-training (doing CPT on brother)
I love you!
Zion’s farewell to Cincinnati Children’s

6 thoughts on “A happy first birthday in home sweet home

  1. Our God is an Awesome God – Happy Birthday Zion we are both March babies – You are an inspiration to so man – Love and blessings!


  2. Our God is an Awesome God – Happy Birthday Zion we are both March babies – You are an inspiration to so many – Love and blessings!


  3. Zion, your happiness made me cry! Congrats to all of you! All I can say is Amen, thank you Lord for all the answered prayers!!


  4. He looks so very happy ❣❣❣ you all do. Continuing to pray for you all, but I believe that Zion has arrived at his happy place ❣❣❣


  5. Oh sweet Zion! How wonderful to see how happy you are being home with your family. I’m so happy that you are happy! Our God is amazing! I love that you and I are cared for by the very same God. You are a wonderful reminder that nothing is too hard for our God. Your precious life brings me such joy. Stay safe, sweet one.


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