Zion’s life hangs in the balance…

So please pray.

Little Zion has been thriving at home until catching a simple cold from his brother and sister a few days ago. For a child with severe pulmonary hypertension, a simple cold can be deadly.

We had him brought by ambulance to the hospital a few days ago when we were having trouble keeping his oxygen sat up at home. Had had been doing okay for the most part since arriving a few days ago, but this morning he suffered a devastating cardiac arrest. He received about 11 minutes of chest compressions which brought him back, but his little body sustained severe damage from the lack of oxygen during the arrest.

His life is truly hanging in the balance right now. He appears to be having seizure activity and his oxygen and blood pressure are up and down.

Please pray for God to comfort and heal Zion – whether that be on Earth or in Heaven. Please pray that the Lord would glorify Himself in this hospital – and that the team would do everything in their power to save Zion. We thank you for following his story and will post another update when we can.

12 thoughts on “Zion’s life hangs in the balance…

  1. I just sent prayers up for Zion. I also prayed for you to have strength during this difficult time. To God be the glory.


  2. Sweet Zion may God richly bless and comfort you always. Sous out Lord, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.


  3. We are praying for you all, you have been so faithful! May God hold you closer than ever before. Our hearts are bleeding for you.
    Judi and Harry Morton


  4. Praying for baby Zion this moment: for healing and comfort. Praying that God will be very present and His glory will be seen and felt.


  5. I want you to know that you and your whole family and Zion touched so many lives – God’s grace is incredible and I know he his home now with the Lord and a new little body – God bless and keep you and I will always be in your debt for showing me how Jesus loves us. Thank you.


  6. Gods Blessings to Baby Zion and your entire family. We have been praying for Zion for a blessed miracle, nothing is impossible for, God He is the Healer of body and soul. We are passing on to others to pray for Zion and family. God Bless your family.


  7. I love you Baby Zion and Family.
    Praying God comforts you all during this difficult time.
    He was a blessing to many.


  8. What a journey, Devon and George. We love you and so admire the way you poured your lives out to love Zion all the days of his life, before and after birth. Thank you for sharing bits of your journey with us… For the Glory of God and the good of many more families. ♥️


  9. Devon and George, little Zion and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. May you keep joy and hope in your hearts 💕
    Kara Huesman


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