A relentless will to LIVE

Zion and I officially arrived back to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on Thursday afternoon. And despite the doubts of some, we are so grateful to proclaim that Zion made it ALIVE! HALLELUJAH! We thank our Lord who covered and protected him the entire way. Zion has been here a few days and has been getting settled … Continue reading A relentless will to LIVE


As I write this to you late on Tuesday night, we have amazing news. Zion is going back to Cincinnati Children's Hospital on a flight tomorrow (Wednesday) morning! Our primary insurance kept denying the back transfer, but our secondary insurance (which we didn't try until the other day) gave us a surprisingly speedy green light. … Continue reading Homebound!!!

“Trachie” life :-)

Some people are medication-dependent. Some people are wheelchair-dependent. "Trachies" are ventilator-dependent some or all of the time. Pretty early on in this journey, while still pregnant with Zion, I had conversations with multiple people: physicians, geneticists and even friends and family who seemed to have an aversion to the thought of a baby with a … Continue reading “Trachie” life 🙂